Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ramzan & Gandhi Jayanthi Holidays

Watched wonderful movie - "Gandhi" - in TV and a miserable tamil movie - Sakkarakatti - in Prarthana drive in theatre.  

The Sakkarakatti movie felt a bigger waste when we realized that Prarthana has increased its movie ticket from Rs. 60 or so in the last year to Rs. 120 now.  The movie could have been released as music album.  The songs and music were good.  The movie did not have any story and there is absolutely no coherence.  The movie is made by 2nd generation artists(!!???).  Sakkarakatti is made by son of Kalaipuli S. Dhanu as a director and son of Bagyaraj as hero.  The current wave of remix songs and this 2nd generation artists make me think that the movie industry is going in the downward direction.  There seems to be scarcity for originality.  The 2nd generation artists seem to be in the movie field more for circumstantial reasons than by interest.  When things are done out of passion, it has its own beauty.  

Every time I see "Gandhi" movie, I'm pretty amazed about Gandhi and also about the movie.  Why aren't our people taking such good movies?  Much more important question is, why aren't there any Gandhis among our politicians today?