Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Srinlankan Tamils

It is heartbreaking to see people are on the streets. It is even more heart breaking to see people confined in camps.

As human beings, we claim that we are civilized more than ever and we are technologically advanced in unprecedented way.

Why aren't we able to solve such problems especially when everything is controllable by collaborative brains !!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Nano - the cute little car. Everybody who have seen it, praised it.

This is somebody's experience on booking Nano through ICICI bank's web site.

The ICICI bank's web site says the following ( http://www.icicibank.com/pfsuser/webnews/nano/benefits.html )

- Simple online application procedure.
- Fast Processing.
- Almost zero paperwork.
- No long queues.

You know what, after doing your clicks and a confirmation screen, you may think everything is done so easily as promised. Then, an e-mail arrives from ICICI asking you to fill few forms and go in person with the originals to prove your identity, residence, and so on. Read the above again. It says "Almost" zero paperwork. Except this "Almost", no other warnings were given while you were happily doing the clicks.

When you have booked online on 25-Apr-2009, and the e-mail arrives with instructions to submit all the documents "in person" before 24-Apr-2009, you realize the truth !! You have lost your precious time and money!

There are other usual problems of the internet links. In the e-mail sent, ICICI bank said the following link can be used to find out the list of ICICI bank branches in which the documents can be submitted in person. But, that link returned error message. [ http://www.icicibank.com/pfsuser/webnews/nano/index.html/ICICI_Bank_Branch_List.html ]

My question now is who benefits from this non-refundable amount? Is it Tata or ICICI bank?


I'm editing this blog on 16-Aug-2009. There were lot of communications later from Tata giving options to respond.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being an Indian with no interest in Cricket, Movies

If you are NOT interested Cricket & Movies, then, life as an Indian is kind of vacuum.
There is nothing to talk with your colleagues. The weekly magazines, news papers and TV channels are centered around these two topics. If you disagree with me, please do post your comment.

Why are Indians so fond of Cricketers and Cinema people? It is quite common to see people with big paunches ardently following Cricket. Is munching potato chips and watching Cricket more fun than playing by oneself ? Is watching Cinema and following the styles of "artists" more fun than enjoying doing art work for ourselves like photographing, painting, writing,... ? I don't say cricket and movies are evils. But, it occupies more than required in Indians life... to the extent of making some feel as outcasts !!

Innovations from unexpected avenues

Entrepreneurial innovations of corporate world get noticed and lauded by media. Some innovation or the other happens in unexpected way every day from unexpected corners of the world as well.

I visited Coimbatore over the weekend and this is what I heard. A vegetable vendor, most probably owns a small farm has found a unique selling model. He loads farm produce in his truck and drives to city by himself every week. The price is fixed at Rs. 20 and the number of vegetables is fixed at 9. The quantity and the choices of vegetables is variable based on the season. He will come with a chart that will clearly state the vegetable name and the quantity for that week. If you give Rs. 20 and your basket, that will get that filled with a week supply of vegetables for a family of four. It is truly a win-win model. The farmer does not waste any time and money on packaging, preservation, etc. People are extremely happy getting a week worth of vegetable for Rs. 20 (approximate 40 cents). Entrepreneurial innovations are not just the mantra of corporates !