Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Elephant

A Baby Elephant wanted to see an Ostrich.  But that elephant's mother told him to wait for few days.  The Baby Elephant became impatient and wanted to explore on its own.  It went to Vandaloor zoo.  When it wanted to enter, the door keeper demanded entrance ticket.  The Baby Elephant said that it is an elephant thus don't need any entrance ticket.  So, the door keeper let him go inside.  The Baby Elephant joyfully walked around and finally met Ostrich and exchanged greetings.  After that, the Baby Elephant realized that it was very tired.  It could not find any food, water, juice and fruits.  Baby Elephant started crying.  By then, the Mother Elephant came looking for the Baby Elephant.  The mother gave the baby water, juice and food.  Baby Elephant was happy.  It then realized the problems of venturing on its own.  The Baby Elephant told mother that it'll wait and go with mother always.  They both went home and slept.

Huh... If you have come thus far, you must be having lot of patience.  Anyways, this was the story I told to a toddler. ALL the creative brain cells I had were used up to create that story.  For all that hard effort I put, I expected a "Good Night".  But, all that I got back was, "Story is Bad".  The toddler turned back and slept.  Mission achieved and it was a real "Good Night".