Friday, January 2, 2009


Ooty is a hill station on the Nilgris mountain of Tamil Nadu. It is nature's gift to the people of the tropical terrain. It was a great pleasure to see so much of green and experience the refreshing chillness. Every now and then, eucalyptus aroma touch the nostrils so mildly and so naturally.

The most distinct characteristic I noticed was the politeness of people. In any tourist centric areas, there are always some sort of uneasiness and fear of unknowns. Ooty felt like home town. The auto-rickshaw drivers are quite different from Chennai drivers. They are polite and ask only resonable fare. Thanks to the strictly enforced auto fares by Tamil Nadu tourism department as well. A bajji maker on the pavement was generous and asked his customer to pay later and take the bajji. I don't know why the customer could not pay.. But this kind of gesture is not so common in the plains.

You ask anyone for direction. Whenever there is a decision to be made on your path, we say Left, Right or Straight. In hills, people say, go up or go down! It took few seconds to catch the direction instruction from locals.