Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fresh grads searching for jobs

I come across some fresh grads who search for jobs. Some are able to clinch few jobs in a week and some try for months, even years - yet not successful.

In my experience, the single most factor contributing to success is confidence & keen observation of the environment. Knowledge, aptitude, attitude, etc. are also influential in clinching a job but in lesser degree though. All skills are essential for performing a job well, so there is a need to do continual improvement on skills.

My tips here for freshers searching jobs.

Before appearing for a job interview, try to live through the job. Talk to couple of friends who are already in that job. Ask for all the work details including trivial matters.
  • What time everybody comes to office?
  • What is the dress code and how much people adhere to that?
  • What is the attitude towards gender? Do people easily mix and go for lunch together? Or, is it like boys on the left side and girls at the right side?
  • What sort of work they do first? What are the business activities a person need to perform in a day? Do you need to work fast? What are the most enjoyable / easy / annoying / difficult tasks? What if you do your work very well? What if you make a mistake? What are the appreciations and scoldings ?
  • What are the kind of business phone conversations / e-mails?
  • What are the business conversations with the boss? Does the boss get involved in lighter moments and laugh?
  • What do they talk with peers? Do they go for movies or play cricket with colleagues?
After learning all these, think of yourself in that job and dream of you living through the every actions of daily routines. This will provide a virtual experience in the job and that will build comfort in performing the job. This will boost your confidence and the interviewer would notice that!

And, one more thing. Research findings state that the single most factor influencing happiness is "Confidence". Why not you spend effort on boosting confidence?