Monday, May 4, 2009

Good old times

Every now and then we come across people who say the older times were good. The view of the world through past events looks indeed good in all angles.

The dinner in the wedding ceremonies are quite different from the "good" old days. Now, you get to experience noodles, salad, curd rice on banana leaf. Sounds international. In "good" old days, it was biriyani, fried side dish, halwa & payasam - more authentic and well known to taste buds.

Think of traffic. Good old days had lesser cars and lesser two wheelers. People who had two wheelers and cars were really proud. Traffic was manageable and there was pride. Cars and two wheelers are the items of necessity now. The very thought of traffic makes you feel tired and sleepy.

Then, the facts of being an IT professional. Good old times provided air tickets and accommodation in 5 star hotels, $200 per day for meals and drinks ! Now, it is train tickets or bus for the worst, stay in bed & breakfast like guest house accommodations on shared basis and Rs. 200 per meal. To top it all, travel is permitted only on weekends. Weekday,week mornings, week evenings are all for the company.

After all, there is truth that good old times are better as one gets older. I just notice that young people (less than 14..) are not very nostalgic... How nicely they just enjoy the new toys and not worry about the broken toys of past?